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Making Spreadable Butter

One of my friends has problems with her cholesterol. She received the following recipe. It contains less cholesterol than pure butter and it is lower in calories. It stays soft even in the fridge. She says she can spread this butter much thinner on bread than real butter. She also uses her home made spreadable butter for baking and cooking.

500g soft “real” butter

200ml sunflower oil, olive oil or a flavourless oil

Sunflower oil contains less cholesterol than olive oil.

200ml cold tap (or filtered) water

Put the soft butter in a mixing bowl and mix till it is of a soft consistency.

Add slowly the oil, mixing on a medium to high speed all the time.

Then add the water and lower the speed otherwise it will splash around.

After a while the water has emulsified with the butter and oil and you can get the mixing speed up again.

She stores the spreadable butter in glass jars. That way no food smells can get to the butter.

This spreadable butter only takes about 10 minutes to make and tastes like butter.

This butter can be stored in the fridge for about 1 week.

I use this butter with some herbs and garlic as a garlic spread for garlic bread.

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