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Hospital & Doctor Surgery

22.3.2019 He was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) and of the NZ Medical Corp (NZMC)
Nelson hospital early 1900s, original at Nelson Provincial Museum
7.2.2019 Scott tried to replicate the photo from Nelson Provincial museum. The boards on the wall, the dark paint of the beams on the ceiling

Where I am now...

Our hospital is a replicated room from Nelson hospital. Nelson Provincial museum supplied us with a photo of a room from Nelson Hospital from early 1900s. The ceiling of our hospital is pitched. However, Scott added wooden boards to the ceiling that we could paint them dark, the same as the room in Nelson hospital. The walls are the same as in this room. We added old lamp shades and old power switches as well as an old telephone, which is connected to the village and can be used to call other buildings in our village.

Carolyn Atkinson, the colour consultant from Resene knows the colours we use at Willow Bank and helps us to find the right heritage colours which work together.

Where I have been...

The building was on Arrow Street in Wakefield. Scot said that it looks like it was made up with two or three small buildings. Some of the wood inside and the weather boards were partly rotten. Scott installed a second door that people can walk through the building.

At that time we were allowed to have 20m2 buildings at our village without getting a consent from council. The original building was larger than 20m2 and Craig Perriam who delivered us the building cut it to size that it was 20m2.

How I got here...

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