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Where I am now...

We bought the stove from friends. The stove was made in Germany by Kueppersbusch. I could find this business is still going and I have sent them a photo of the stove. They wrote back that they made these stoves in 1920.

Scott built an outdoor kitchen for the stove and rebuilt the inside of the stove and used new fire bricks.

He asked me if I have a chimney for the flue. At that time I had an old letterbox in my arms and wondered if he could use that. He did and it works. The smoke comes out of the letter flap. 😉

Now we use this building for schools to show them how they cooked on a wood stove in the olden days.

Where I have been...

Stove in the garage of our friends. They bought the stove on TradeMe and only needed the splash back.

Recipe from 1846 for bread without yeast (Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume V, Issue 232, 15 August 1846)

How I got here...

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