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17.11.2017 the roof is done, we have a roof shout and mark it with a little pine tree on top of the roof.
13.6.2017 John Ching was a big supporter of Willow Bank. He delivered several buildings or did other jobs for us. We loved his company. Unfortunately he passed away.

Where I am now...

LUIGI CAPRI Groceteria
This shop represents the Italian community who grew and sold fruit and vegetables in the Nelson region. We will sell our surplus fruit and vegetables in this store as well. The definition of a groceteria is: a grocery store in which customers pick up products from shelves and pay for them on leaving the store. Our groceteria will have a honesty box which can be used as a donation box as well. All the funds will be used to maintain and expand our little village. History about groceterias in New Zealand: 1927 a groceteria opened in Dunedin.

Where I have been...

10. March 2017 we bought two buildings from an orchard in Stoke.

How I got here...

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