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School Laundry

27.4.2020 copper in working condition with flue bought on TradeMe
23.4.2021 mangle restored
3.3.2021 little enameled wood stove to heat Mrs Potts irons

Where I am now...

This is our school laundry. The wash house was too small for larger groups. At the laundry are 8 concrete double tubs. Each has a brass tap and each child can fill its tub with cold water as needed. The pipes for those taps are all old style galvanised pipes. In the laundry is a small wood stove where we heat up Mrs Potts irons and there is a mangle we bought at Richmond Antiques. And we found an advertisement fro this mangle in the “Colonist” from 1910. The Colonist was a Nelson paper.

Where I have been...

There was a concreted space beside our green house which was not really used. The plans show the area and what we have planed to build.

How I got here...

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