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Where I am now...

Our Emporium houses vintage audio and acoustic items. We call it the “Cullingworth & Peterson Emporium”. We want to recognise J. Cullingworth who had a grand exhibition in 1843 of scopic displays and phantasmagoria on Trafalgar Street in Nelson.

In his advertisement he writes that he has microscopic images he can magnify 500 times. It must of been an amazing event seeing his displays in those days.

And we want to recognise David Peterson who helped us purchasing amazing items like the phonograph with the mega horn and the Edison Amberola 75 Phonograph, which children will be allowed to use with care.

Where I have been...

20.4.2016 we bought the building. It was a garden shed for two different parties/houses. It had two different entries. Soon after the building arrived we were able to buy the original counter from H & J Smith (c1920s). We had to put it into the building before the next one (the barber) arrived. It is so large that we would not be able to remove it now.

How I got here...

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