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Dental Nurse

Where I am now...

22.12.2014 the building arrived at Willow Bank it was used to store props for the photographic studio and then was transformed into a “sample room”.

Brief history about “Sample Rooms”: In colonial times sample rooms were available for hire by commercial travelers to display their goods, usually drapery and hardware. They were also popular places to hold meetings and community events.

Now we use the building for the display of our dental nurse. These buildings  were also known as the “Murder House”. The state-funded School Dental Service was as a world first and started in New Zealand in 1921.

Where I have been...

It was built by Robert Staniland from secondhand material. The floor was made from a deck (20mm Hardyplank) and it was used for storage and as a sleepout.

How I got here...

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