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RSA with Garden Bar

9.8.2017 restored board of Nelson area soldiers who died during WWII
14.1.2021 milkshakes in the RSA
8.1.2018 Brook our volunteer at the RSA milkbar
22.11.2017 we made a sand bag retaining wall. The sand bags are filled with dry concrete and held in place with steel rods. We added water to the sandbar wall and the concrete did set.

Where I am now...

Our replica RSA was opened on 27. November 2019 by Nelson RSA and Richmond-Waimea RSA. They furbished our RSA with items from WWII. There is a board of Nelson area soldiers who died during WWII. We could research them and found all of them except two soldiers we could’t find any information.

Where I have been...

The building started as the deck of our Hiddlestone building and Scott added a building over the deck.

First we used the building as a storage shed and Scott later changed it into the RSA building.

How I got here...

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Willowbank will open to the public again when we are at Covid Traffic Light level Green

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